The Sesquicentennial Project

2011 marked the 140th anniversary of the Town of Maynard.  That means we are less than 10 years away from the 150th anniversary.  While that might seem like a long ways off, it really is right around the corner.

Starting in 2011 the Maynard Historical Society in concert with the Maynard Historical Commission began planning and initiating projects in support of this major event.

The Historical Society itself owes its existence to the 100th anniversary of the town.  In the early 1960s the Society was formed to gather the history of the town and plan the events around the Centennial.

We are obviously in the very early stages of this, but if you are interested in participating we will soon have numerous ways of contributing to this major milestone in our town’s history.

Our initial goals for the Sesquicentennial are:

  • Create a timeline for projects and events leading up to the anniversary.
  • Identify committees that may be needed over the next 10 years (e.g., parade committee).
  • Begin the process of updating the town’s history with all that has happened since the 1971 history book.
  • Begin gathering oral and video histories that will provide depth and personality beyond what the history reference will focus on.
  • Initiating a historical marker program for buildings and landmarks in town.

We expect that the Sesquicentennial will involve hundreds of participants and we welcome all contributions big and small.

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