Storage: Document Boxes (DB)

Note: For documents where only copy is electronic use storage code: DFO (Digital File Only).

  1. DB1 (SU9)   Miscellaneous Oversize (Full)
  2. DB2 (SU9)   Centennial Photo/Scrap Books
  3. DB3 (SU9)   Newspapers, Bags
  4. DB4 (SU12)   Bibles
  5. DB5 (SU9) 1971 History of Maynard Book Draft
  6. DB6 (SU9-1)    Miscellaneous Documents
  7. DB7 (SU9)    Calendars, Menus, Almanacs
  8. DB8 (SU9)   Miscellaneous Oversize
  9. DB9 (SU9-1)    Miscellaneous Oversize
  10. DB10 (SU9)    Miscellaneous Maps
  11. DB11 (SU9)    Maynard Centennial Newspaper
  12. DB12 (SU10)  Maynard Memories
  13. DB13 (SU10)  Maynard Memories
  14. DB14 (SU9) Sheet Music
  15. DB15 (SU15) DEC Books
  16.  DB16 (SU15) DEC Books
  17. DB17 (SU15) DEC Newsletters
  18. DB18 (SU15) DEC Newsletters
  19. DB19 (SU15-3) DEC Misc.
  20. DB20 (SU15) DEC Annual Reports, Online, Misc. Booklets doc
  21. DB21 (SU15) DEC Misc. Journals, Booklets etc…
  22. DB22 (SU15) DEC Plastic Box /Forefront Magazines
  23. DB23 (SU15) DEC Journals, Books, Brochures
  24. DB24 (SU15) DEC Misc. Docs.
  25. DB25 (SU9 Plastic Bin) Scrapbooks, Albums
  26. DB26 (SU9 Plastic Bin) Scrapbooks, Albums
  27. DB27 (SU10-4) Nason/Roosevelt School Registers
  28. DB28 (SU10-4) Nason/Roosevelt School Registers
  29. DB29 (SU10-5) Bancroft/Coolidge School Registers
  30. DB30 (SU10-5) Bancroft/Coolidge School Registers
  31. DB31 (SU10-6) Main/Wilson School Registers
  32. DB32 (SU11-6) High School Registers
  33. DB33 (SU11-6) High School Registers
  34. DB34 (SU11-5) Summer/Emerson Jr. High Registers
  35. DB35 (SU9) Misc. Docs.
  36. DB36 (SU15) DEC Handbooks
  37. DB37 (SU16-1) Fire, Selectman, Checkbook Ledger
  38. DB38 (SU10-4) Nason/Roosevelt School Registers
  39. DB39 (SU10-5) Nason/Roosevelt/Fowler School Registers
  40. DB40 (SU11-5) Junior & Senior High School Register
  41. DB41 (SU11-5) Green Meadow & Adult Ed. Registers
  42. DB42 (SU11-6) Oversize Registers 1969-70 All Schools
  43. DB43 (SU16-1) Misc.

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