Here lies bare our current mix ups: misplaced items, duplications, etc.

  • Glenwood Cemetery / Hurricane of ’38 aftermath: 1999.B184 (omeka item 2625) has two problems: 1) neither photograph is in PB23; 2) when we find them, either the description should be updated or it should be broken into two items as the photographs as the description is only accurate for one of the photographs.
  • Glenwood Cemetery Gate: Omeka item 4901 should be broken into two items as the 2nd photograph is completely different.  One of the duplicate photographs is also missing from PB23.
  • Item 1999.509 missing from PB11
  • Item 1999.949 missing from PB42
  • Item 2012.443 & 2012.444, St. Chris guild photos, missing from PB26
  • Item 2012.221 photo missing from PB26
  • Item 1999.396 police photo copy missing from PB39
  • Item 2015.464 Gruber Bowling photo missing from PB31
  • Item 2015.44 Vartiainen photo missing from PB31
  • Item 2015.39 Family & House Unidentified photo from PB56
  • Item 1999.1910 a copy of 1999.1944 (not missing) Person’s Auto from PB38
  • Items Bl110, B111, B113 photos missing from PB40
  • Items 1999.3086 & 2014.244 missing from PB40
  • Items 2012.367, 2012.375, 2012.376 photos missing from PB33
  • Item 2015.469 photo missing from PB51
  • Item 1999.2357 photo (57 snapshots) missing from PB52
  • Item 2015.470 photo (Prescott) missing from PB57
  • Item 1999.466 photo (water pipe) missing from PB58


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