2022 Accession Log

Items accessed to the the collection in 2022:

  1. Checkbook Register doc
  2. Sesquicentennial Flag artifact
  3. Red Afghan artifact
  4. Blue Afghan artifact
  5. Franklin Life Care doc
  6. Philip Williams Card Envelope  doc
  7. Williams Christmas Card  doc
  8. Williams Induction Letter  doc
  9. Williams Naval Badge   artifact
  10. Williams Naval Badge   artifact
  11. Maynard Ice Co. Pick artifact
  12. Maynard Ice Co. Pick artifact
  13. Centennial Playing Cards artifact
  14. Centennial Nail File artifact
  15. Centennial Nail File artifact
  16. Music Festival Ribbon artifact
  17. Cork Screw artifact
  18. Nynex/Samuels Letter Opener artifact
  19. Camelot Game artifact
  20. Graduation Exercise 1944 doc
  21. Finnish Ink Stamp artifact
  22. CO1944 Newspaper Photos doc
  23. Hand Mirror  artifact
  24. Albert Connors AAF Base Unit Card  doc
  25. Walter Priest MFD Badge   artifact
  26. ARP Women’s Defense Corps Pin  artifact
  27. Aid Finland Pin  artifact
  28. Maynard Moose Lodge Pin 1929  artifact
  29. Geo. Gutteridge Jewelry Box   artifact
  30. Elvi Nyholm diving medal   artifact
  31. Elvi Nyholm diving medal  artifact
  32. Elvi Nyholm diving medal  artifact
  33. Ruth Hall   photo
  34. Elvi Nyholm diving medal  artifact
  35. Hawes Florist souvenir  artifact
  36. Paperweight   artifact
  37. Maynard Cleaners Matchbook   artifact
  38. Bachrach Market Christmas Matchbook  artifact
  39. Farm Bureau Sign artifact
  40. Charter Belles Metal  artifact
  41. MHS Pennant artifact
  42. Edward Brennan photo
  43. Ayer Mass Flag artifact
  44. Nyman/Gutteridge Letters artifact
  45. Wilson Collection artifacts
  46. White Eagle Tie Clip artifact
  47. Vaccine Button artifact
  48. MHS Tiger button artifact
  49. Go Get ‘Em button artifact
  50. Maynard Rod & Gun Club button artifact
  51. No Walgreen Bumper Sticker artifact
  52. Maynard is Making it Bumper Sticker artifact
  53. Serv-u Shop Business Card  doc
  54. Cigar Box The Leader artifact
  55. Digital 1980 Calendar doc
  56. South Acton Lithograph doc
  57. Coughlin Livery Enlargement photo
  58. Maynard High School Book Cover doc
  59. Barn on Summer St. photo
  60. Union Congregational Church Exterior photo
  61. Union Congregational Church Interior Color photo
  62. Union Congregational Church Interior B&W photo
  63. Beacon Sidelight Enlargement photo
  64. The Beacon Enlargement photo
  65. Maynard High School Book Cover doc
  66. Digital Genealogy Poster doc
  67. Dunn Oil Co. 2002 Calendar doc


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