Maynard Historical Society Podcast #1

In addition to this blog, we are also launching what we hope will be a weekly (or bi-weekly) podcast featuring news about our survey and cataloging process — and some of the “finds” that are hidden in Maynard’s attic.

Podcast #1 is called Two Drawers and in it I talk about the challenges we face in figuring out the best ways to conserve the wide variety of items in the collection.  I do this by quickly walking through just two of many, many drawers and boxes we have.

The podcast is mainly audio, but contains some pictures as well.   You can listen to it on your computer (you don’t need an iPod to listen to a podcast).  You may require Quicktime or iTunes to see the photographs as well as hear the audio track.  (See the “Podcasts FAQ” page for the latest information on how to hear and see our podcasts.

We hope you enjoy this new way of getting behind the scenes at the Historical Society.  Please leave a comment if you liked what you heard or suggest future topics.

– dave


While the Maynard Historical Society produces a newsletter several times a year, there are lots of little (and big) things that we’d like to be able to share with our membership and the general public — and so we have this new forum that let’s us share stories, photographs, recordings, and other media with you… and you can participate as well.

Our current policy is that comments here are moderated and require you to provide your full name (no anonymous postings or cryptic names).  We don’t require verification or anything like that — we’re hoping that people will be participating will be good neighbors.

We hope you enjoy our new ways of connecting Maynard’s history to you.

– dave

Dave Griffin
President, Maynard Historical Society

News and stories from the Maynard Historical Society in Maynard, Massachusetts