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Maynard resident looking for research help on the Mill

Cindy Mello is writing a research paper and would like some help.  She writes:

I’m doing a research paper for a business college class that’s due in two weeks and I could use your assistance.  The paper is entitiled “The Evolution of the Maynard Mill and It’s Impact on the Town”.  In addition to the history that’s on your website I need information from book, magazine and interview sources.  I love discussing history with the most senior of the town, so please point me in the direction of those that would be willing to speak with me and any additional resources you think would be useful, especially from your archive room.  In addition to my contact information below, I’ve listed some key reference items that I could use your assistance with gathering.  Thank you in advance for your help.

Cindy is seeking:

  1. Someone locally who worked at the mill when it made textiles that she could interview.
  2. Someone locally who worked at the mill when it as DEC/Digital that she could interview.
  3. Someone at a business in Maynard that has been operating since the mill produced either textiles (or Digital)
  4. Photographs of the mill or downtown area during the textile and Digital days.  (She’d love a picture of someone heading downtown from DEC at lunchtime.)
  5. Resources for finding out things like: the number of people who worked at the mill when it was textiles vs. digital, the town population and the business economy during these various stages…who opened, closed, etc., as a result of the mills prosperity and downturn.
If  you would like to help Cindy, you can contact her at princessmello@gmail.com