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Happy New Year

We are ringing in 2013 with some updates to our online collection.   We are now running a new version of the Omeka software that we use to manage our digital archives.  What this means to you is that searching our archive is now faster and more accurate than ever before.

We’re still tweaking around the edges, but you’ll also see a new face to our online collection.   We also have a new page design.  One of the things we’re excited about is that the collection website now automatically adapts itself to whatever device you are using to access it — so it works great with regular computers and laptops, tablets and smartphones.

With over 1500 items currently available to the public and new items being added every week, we’re hoping you’ll enjoy these new capabilities to explore Maynard’s history.

If you haven’t tried poking around our great collection lately, give it a try.

Maynard Historical Society Podcast now available on iTunes

If you use Apple’s iTunes software on your Mac or PC, you can now subscribe to the Maynard Historical Society Podcast.  When you do this new episodes will automatically be downloaded to your computer, iPod, or AppleTV — so you don’t have to check here all the time (although we certainly have other news here that is worth coming back for once in a while).

You can find the podcast on iTunes by just searching for “Maynard” (there aren’t too many podcasts with that word in them) or you can click here and subscribe.

You can go to Apple’s iTunes page for more information about that program.  It’s free and works on both Mac and Windows PC computers.


While the Maynard Historical Society produces a newsletter several times a year, there are lots of little (and big) things that we’d like to be able to share with our membership and the general public — and so we have this new forum that let’s us share stories, photographs, recordings, and other media with you… and you can participate as well.

Our current policy is that comments here are moderated and require you to provide your full name (no anonymous postings or cryptic names).  We don’t require verification or anything like that — we’re hoping that people will be participating will be good neighbors.

We hope you enjoy our new ways of connecting Maynard’s history to you.

– dave

Dave Griffin
President, Maynard Historical Society