Bertha Lawton’s First Grade Class Photo – 1894

Bruce McGarry recently donated two chairs and a photograph to the Society.  Being a bit of a photography person, I was most excited by the photograph.  Considering its age, it was in pretty good condition – but the best part was that the reverse side listed all of the names.  I can’t stress enough how important information like this is.   We will soon begin the process of identifying the thousands of photographs in the collection and only a small percentage come with any sort of identification or date.  Bruce’s donation is as close to ideal as you can get.

I just took a snapshot of the photo – we haven’t scanned and cataloged it yet.  I transcribed the reverse side the best I could.  There are plenty of long-time Maynard family names on this list:



Top Row – Left to Right

Louis Parmenter, Jack Carey, Clarence Styvert, Albert Whitney, Albert Priest, ???, Wilfred Talon, Nealy Callahan, Chester Sawyer

Second Row

Ethel Butterworth, Ada Rand, Agnes Greenhalge, Mabel McAuslin, Bertha Lawton, Lillian Brooks, Myrtle Sims, Chris Lynch, Sadie Garlick

Third Row

Mary Moore, Mary Hanson, Mildred Walker, Garry Gove, Lillian Usher, Minnie Casey, Margie Farrell, Clem Wagner, Margeret Driscoll, Leander King, Ed Riley?

Forth Row

Archie Harding?, ??? Glenes, Clemie Sullivan, Eva Lemaine, Agnes Mahoney, Addie McWilliams, Nellie Coughlan, Elsie Himery, Ida Moore, Gertie Randall

Bottom Row

Herb Usher, Alvin Smith, Eddie Coughlan, Emmet Riley, Bert Mallison, Leo Comeau, Walter Comeau, Archie Livingston, Pat Hanson, Wallace Locke

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