Progress Report – Dec 3, 2008

We continue to make excellent progress with our initial organization of the collection.

We’ve now looked into just about every box and have marked them accordingly with their contents.  All the boxes are in the correct rooms.   This is important because we found a lot of boxes containing items that the Society has for sale, file folders, and other items that aren’t part of the collection.  Getting them into their own room gives one a much better sense of what lies ahead.

We found 5 more boxes of town reports and perhaps a box worth of Screech Owls.   Next week we’ll likely go through the umpteen boxes of these that we have and sort them by date and condition.  Then we can put the unneeded duplicates aside and we’ll figure out what to do with them later.

My thanks to Peg Brown, Ellen Duggan, and Jack MacKeen for putting in some time these past few weeks.  It’s really remarkable to see how much progress we make by chipping away at this by dedicating just a few hours each week.

As always, if you would like to join us — we’re there pretty much every Wednesday morning from about 9am to 11 (or noon at the latest) — please stop by.  If you send me your email address I typically send out reminders and, more importantly, cancellations or tardy notes.

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