Issue #45 of Maynard Memories is out

If you are a member of the Maynard Historical Society you should have received (or will shortly receive) issue #45 of Maynard Memories, our newsletter edited by Nancy Wasiuk.

This newsletter features a story written by Society members David Mark and Jean D’Amico who live at 10 Maple Street and chronicle the history of their home and the seven other families that have lived there since it was built in the 1870’s.  They did some great research and put together a wonderful story.

Bill Wickey also submitted a short article recalling Maynard in the 1940’s.

Maynard Memories is one of the benefits of membership in the Society.  If you are not a member, please consider joining.  If you are a member (and even if you aren’t) and have a story to tell about Maynard’s History — or just a memory about growing up or living in Maynard — please consider writing a short article for the newsletter.  We’d love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Issue #45 of Maynard Memories is out”

  1. As a young boy, I watched the building that preceded the current day Post Office surcome to the wrecking ball, I remember getting vacinated in this building.
    I am not sure what the building was? I.E. Town Hall?
    I do remember barber-shop chairs.
    I also remember the mill Pond being filled in to make the Main St. parking lot. Lots of good memories. Sledding in the cow field, winter and summer.

    Colin Dunnigan
    Yorktown VA. (USAF Ret)

  2. Hi Colin.

    The building you recall had a number of functions. The main use of note was the “Middlesex and Assabet House”, a rooming house with 39 units and 12 toilets. Later the building was indeed used as the Town Hall.

  3. Thanks for this great site of my home town..I was born there at lived there until getting out of the Navy in 1969..I now live in Pa. with my wife and two grown daughters. I was looking for some photos of the town and businesses that took place in the late 40″s into the the 50’s..Look for an old chap and friend of my Father’s…I’d looked for information about his trucking business. When it started in Maynard and when it left or close the doors. These were important friends of my dear old Dad. Can you posibly get information for me
    Thank you very much..
    Jonathan Hansen

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