Maynard Historical Society Podcast #2

We are pleased to publish our second podcast featuring some audio recordings in our collection.

20 years ago this month, November 1998, the Society hosted a program entitled “An Evening with Frank Mark and Roy Helander”.

Frank immigrated to Maynard from Finland in 1916 (at the age of 15).  After moving here he worked in the Union Co-op Bakery.  Roy interviews Frank, who retells a number of amusing and interesting tales of life in Maynard in the first half of the 20th century.

Frank was related to a Maynard historical icon, Waino Kauppi, who was a world-renown coronet player.  Stories about Waino along with a short recording of one of his performances rounds out Mr. Mark’s interview.

Roy’s uncle, Ed Helander, who was 95 at the time, grew up in the same town in Finland as Mr. Mark.  Due to the bad weather, Ed could not attend the meeting but provided Roy with a number of written stories that Roy relayed to the audience.

Running time is just under 1 hour.  The podcast is audio-only and should be playable by just about any computer.

Click here to listen to the Maynard Historical Society Podcast #2.

2 thoughts on “Maynard Historical Society Podcast #2”

  1. Wonderful music on the podcast. Thank you! I’ve been hoping to get some information on a radical Finn who published a newspaper here in Astoria and a few years later was living in Maynard and thought to be a German spy. He was T.T. Pusa aka Johnstone.

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