Our online collection passes a major milestone

This soul-crushing winter has had one bright spot: we have been making phenomenal progress on the society’s online catalog (collection.maynardhistory.org).   We recently passed 500 publicly viewable items and we have another 800 other items in the database that we are working on behind the scenes — with more being added every week.

We estimate there are between 5000 and 6000 items in our collection so we’re pleased to pass the 10% mark (and humbled when we think of the other 90%).

Soon the the good weather will return and progress will slow down (unless we get some more of you to help us out) but at least we are making the best of staying indoors this winter!

2 thoughts on “Our online collection passes a major milestone”

  1. I am interested in obtaining information about the American Powder Mill. My ancestors Edmund Hooper and his son, George Butler Hooper, worked there. Are you aware of any information specifically about them? On my mother’s side, my grandfather, Albert Warren Haynes, operated the W.A. Haynes Co. which carried a large variety of farm supplies plus carriages, sleighs, harness and horse furnishing goods. I’m interested in more information about the company and Mr. Haynes.

    Thanks for your attention to this request.

  2. I would refer you to the 1921 and 1971 History of Maynard books that we have scanned and made available online (see the “Scanned Books” collection). They will have a number of references to the people and companies you are referring to.

    Our collection of photographs related to the powder mills is next up in my work queue to be scanned and cataloged. Look for them in the coming weeks.

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