Why local history awareness is so important

Here’s a great little story, almost local, of what happens when people pay attention to potential historic artifacts in their everyday lives…


“When a contractor demolishing a Nelson, N.H., barn came across a 35mm Monarch projector and seven reels of film, he contacted the Keene State College Film Society. They determined that his find included what appears to be the only surviving copy ofWhen Lincoln Paid, a film starring and directed by movie pioneer Francis Ford, the older brother of famed director John Ford.”

You can read more about this and see some clips of the movie by at the Keene State College site.

One thought on “Why local history awareness is so important”

  1. I was just writing a paper at college on the history of maynard as a town. I wish had the time to come back and attend one of your meeting. Its a shame.

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