Sneak Peek of our Nov 24th meeting – Finnish Temperance Society

Roy Helander will present a history of the Finnish Temperance Society, “Alku”, which was organized in Maynard from 1895 to 1967. ┬áIt was one of about 50 Temperance Societies that were formed in New England.

Perhaps the earliest photo we have of some of the members of the Society circa 1908:

In May of 1922 Alku decided to purchase some land in West Concord to create a summer recreation site called Punkaharju:

Each summer Alku members would parade down Powdermill Road (now Rt. 62) to West Concord:

Some Alku members from 1912:

We hope you can join us and learn more about Alku and temperance societies in New England and how they shaped life here in Maynard for over a half a century.

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