Maynard Memories #51 is out

The first issue in 2010 of Maynard Memories, the bi-monthly newsletter of the Society, has been published.  Those of you receiving it via mail should have it soon.  Those that elected to receive it electronically had it delivered on Monday.

Maynard Memories #51 has an in-depth article on the history of the Marble Farm by David Mark.  David, along with Peg Brown, made a presentation to the Society in November on this very topic and we appreciate his taking the time to write up an article — especially for those who could not attend.   Over the years the Marble Farm was the home of the Marble, Whitney, and Parmenter families and David’s article dips into their genealogy as well.

As always, thanks go to our newsletter editor, Nancy Wasiuk, and to Bobby Stakus for mailing it out to our members.

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