Maynard Seniors take the Picture Puzzle

puzzle-14014A number of months ago, for one of our Society programs, I put together the “Maynard Picture Puzzle” program — a visual quiz on how well people observe details around Maynard.   Nearly all of the photographs are from within a half-mile of downtown and, much to my delight, I don’t think there’s a person who has managed to get all of them.

We were invited to give the Picture Puzzle to the senior citizens of Maynard yesterday and, not surprisingly, they did a very respectable job of figuring out the puzzle.  I think there was only one photo that stumped everyone!  (And, boy, were they surprised when they saw where it came from.)

The puzzles are photographs of familiar landmarks in Maynard, but only a portion of them.  From the detail you have to use the clues and your memory of Maynard to solve each puzzle.

I didn’t realize how many people were going to be at the gathering and didn’t have enough worksheets for everyone, but I hope those who joined us at the Elks yesterday enjoyed solving the puzzles as much as I did presenting them.

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