Several large items moved from Town Hall

Today we moved a number of large items that were still at Town Hall.  A painted fence, a wall-sized photograph of a 1966 “Digits” little league team, some 3×6 blow-up panels of old Mill scenes (from Digital in Marlborough), and the 13 foot long “Asparagus Farm” sign which was recovered from the barn before it was demolished to make way for a housing development a number of years ago.

Maynard’s Town Hall is undergoing renovations and we wanted to keep these important artifacts out of harm’s way.

My thanks to Paul Boothroyd for keeping an eye on these items and coordinating the move; Jack MacKeen for his help removing them from the walls they were bolted on to or hung from; Fred from Town Hall for getting us a trailer to safely haul the stuff to the Paymaster Building (and helping load/unload the items); and Bob Larkin / Frik and Frak for providing use of their trailer for the move.  Walking down Main Street with these things would have been really awkward!

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