Annual Meeting – May 12th – 7pm

Please join us on Monday, May 12th at 7pm for the Maynard Historical Society’s Annual Meeting.    The meeting will take place at the Senior Center main room, 15 Powder Mill Circle.

In addition to a review of the past year’s activities and election of officers – but we know that as fun as that might be, it really won’t draw an audience, so we will be bringing a very special artifact that has recently been donated to our collection: the draft of the petition for the town’s incorporation – from circa 1870.    The petition varies from the final one that was submitted to the State and ultimately created the Town of Maynard from Sudbury and Stow, and we’ll cover that a little bit.   Until recently this petition was part of a private collection, but we were thrilled when it was donated to the Society in 2014.   Come see what could be considered one of the earliest pieces of the Town of Maynard’s history.

While this is our Annual Meeting, all Historical Society meetings are open to the public and we invite you to join us whether you are a member or not.