New Boston Post Cane resource center

Through a odd twist of fate, the Maynard Historical Society (and, for the most part, I) managed to become a highly cited resource for the Boston Post Cane – a tradition that started in 1909 as part of a publicity stunt for the now defunct newspaper.

We published Ralph Sheridan’s article about losing and finding the cane in Maynard and he included a lot of information about the cane from towns around New England.  I started updating the list based on news accounts that I would run into on the web and then people started sending us updates.  After a few years we, rather accidently, became a custodian of recent history of the cane.

Keeping this information up-to-date has been a problem for years.  In 2008, as part of the overall redesign of the Maynard web site I tried to design a new way of managing Boston Post Cane information and simply didn’t have time to do it properly.   After a year of not updating the page because “the new thing is coming” – I figured out a way to get the job done.

And now we have a great set of resources for the Boston Post Cane, just in time for its 100th birthday (the tradition started in August 1909).

While it wasn’t planned, I’m proud to have the Maynard Historical Society (and Maynard) be frequently cited for news and background information on this unique New England tradition, and look forward to providing more and better information in the coming years.

Interested?  Head on over to the Boston Post Cane resource site.

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