Maynard Historical Society – Annual Meeting – Nov 29th

At long last we have a date and location for our next meeting.  The Historical Society will hold their annual meeting on THURSDAY, November 29th at 7pm in the Maynard PUBLIC LIBRARY.   (We have traditionally met on Mondays in Town Hall, so I’m trying to emphasize the different day and location…)

After a short business meeting and update on the Society we will have local author and history buff David Mark speak on the topic “Meet the Maynard Family.” Mark will talk about the Maynard family and the town that developed around their wool mill, which came to be named after Amory Maynard, the mill’s founder, while he was still alive (and was almost renamed “Assabet” twelve years after he died).

Mark will also speak about William Knight – Amory’s forgotten partner – about how much water power the mill actually generated, where the wool came from, where the bricks came from, and who is buried (and not buried) in the Maynard family mausoleum.

The meeting is free and open to the public.  Light refreshments and some social time will follow the formal meeting.

2 thoughts on “Maynard Historical Society – Annual Meeting – Nov 29th”

  1. Hello, my name is Christopher Maynard son of Arthur maynard 2. My father mentioned that we owned large farmlands in new England in former generations, and thought it might be interesting to see if we are in fact related.

    I’m currently living in Princeton nj.

    Who is currently is in charge of the estate?


  2. In reply to Chris –

    More than one family with the last name Maynard came to the colonies starting in the 1600s. And, boy, did they have children! Massachusetts birth and death records from the 1700s and 1800 list scores of Maynards

    The line that led to Amory Maynard starting the mill that became the center of the town of named after him in 1871 has no living descendants with the last name Maynard, nor any descendents living in town, nor owning any property in town.

    I suggest you visit and read the articles on our Maynard family posted in February and July 2012. But I am not aware of any connection to a descendant named Arthur Maynard.

    David A. Mark

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